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A Tour of the New Course Files Feature

Take a tour of Course Files and learn how to manage content more effectively than ever before. Watch it!

Getting Started with Your Course Environment. Read it!
Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point. Watch it!
Creating a Blank Page (for displaying content) on the Course Menu. Watch it!
Balancing Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning. (Brian Morgan, Marshall University) Read it!
Using Blackboard for Problem-based Learning. (Brian Morgan, Marshall University) Read it!
Delivering Documents to your Students. (Kevin Reeve, Utah State University) Read it!
Audio and Video Standards for Online Learning. (Kevin Reeve, Utah State University) Read it!

Getting Started with Course Content. Read it!
Using the Text Editor. Watch it!
Building a Learning Module. Watch it!
Creating a Lession Plan. Watch it!
Adding a Glossary Term. Watch it!
Adding Textbook Information to Your Course. Watch it!
Creating a Blank Page. Watch it!
Creating a Tool Link. Watch it!
Creating a Mashup. Watch it!
Attaching Course Files to a Content Item. Watch it!
Tour the Course Files Feature. Watch it!
Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files. Watch it!
Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item. Watch it!

Turning Tool Availability On and Off. Watch it!
Making Tools Available to Students. Watch it!
Changing the User Language Pack. Watch it!

Running a Report of User Activity. Watch it!
Importing a Course Package. Watch it!
Running Course Reports. Read it!