Tips for Students

Blackboard Version 9.1

This section provides information to help minimize problems with technology and get the most out of your online learning experience.

Security - Logging out of Blackboard
If you are on a public computer, it's important to log out of Blackboard and off the Garrett College network - otherwise, the next user who comes along will be able to log into Blackboard as you!
To log out:

Naming Files for Blackboard
Tip: You can reduce the number of error messages you and instructors receive when opening or sending files by appropriately naming files uploaded to Blackboard.

How to do it:
There are several file name characters that may lead to error messages when instructors or students upload or download files. To reduce the occurrence of those errors, follow these naming conventions:

Be sure to ask your instructor how he or she would like you to identify your files. For instance, starting your file with your last name, adding the date to the name, naming the file to reflect the assignment, etc.

Known issues
ATTACHMENTS NOT OPENING WITH IE8 - There is a known issue between Blackboard 9, Internet Explorer 8 and Microsoft Office files (.doc, .docx, etc.) that results in users not being able to click to open attachments in Blackboard. This impacts file attachments to content areas, files attached to the grade center, files attached to the discussion board, etc for both students and instructors. The problem is described below along with three resolutions. This only affects Internet Explorer.

Instructors and students may attempt to open a file by clicking on the link.

When clicking on an attached file in Blackboard 9 when using Internet Explorer, you should see the Information Bar appear at the top of the page:
Solution 1
To access the attached file, the user will need to click on "Allow" and then "Download File..." or simply "Download File" depending on the browser settings on the Information Bar. This will result in the File Download window appearing at which point the user can proceed to Open or Save.
Solution 2
If you have administrator rights to your computer you can adjust the browser settings on the computer from which Blackboard is being accessed, the problem can be resolved through changing the following browser settings.

Follow the steps below.

Solution 3
If the first two solutions do not work for you, or if you are not able to change your browser settings, use Firefox!

Test Taking Tips

Student Tips for Successful Test Taking in Blackboard.

Before the Test

Launching the Test

During the Test
These tips may reduce the chance of a student receiving a message saying "submission in progress" or "test already submitted" with no results displayed.