The Garrett College Board of Trustees is comprised of seven gubernatorial appointees for six-year terms. The Board officers consist of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The Garrett College President serves as the Secretary-Treasurer and is an ex- officio member of the Board during his/her tenure as President. The following are the current members of the Board of Trustees:

  Ms. Vianne Bell, Chair
Innkeeper: Good Timber Bed and Breakfast
Retired CPA
Original Appointment: 2005
Reappointment: 2009 and 2015
Current Term: 2015-2021

  Mr. Don Morin, Vice-Chair
Original Appointment: 2011
Reappointment: 2013
Current Term: 2013-2019
  Ms. Madeleine Collins
Original Appointment: July 12, 2012
Reappointment: 2015 (for a term of six years from July 1, 2014)
Current Term: 2014-2020
mccartney         Dr. Brenda McCartney
Original Appointment: August 17, 2016, to complete another's six-year term from July 1, 2012
Current Term: 2012-2018
 Jason Rush   Mr. Jason Rush
Current Appointment: August 17, 2016
Current Term: 2016-2022
  Ms. Linda S. Sherbin
Original Appointment: 2000
Reappointment: 2007 and 2012
Current Term: 2012-2018
  Mr. Duane E. Yoder
President of the Garrett County Community Action Committee
Original Appointment: 2006
Reappointment: 2011 and 2017
Current Term: 2017-2023
midcap headshot 16   Dr.  Richard Midcap
Ex-officio member as President of Garrett College
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