Programs of Study

Academic Programs

Associate in Arts (AA) Degree: Provides a curricular focus in the liberals arts, humanities, and fine arts and is primarily intended for transfer to a four-year institution.  

Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Degree: Provides the equivalent of the first two years towards a bachelor's degree in teacher education and is intended to facilitate transfer into a teaching program at a Maryland four-year college or university.

Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE) Degree: Designed for transfer into parallel four-year engineering programs at certain Maryland institutions, and generally acceptable for transfer into engineering programs at other institutions.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree: Provides a curricular focus on a specific occupational area and is primarily intended for immediate entry into the workforce.

Certificate: Provides job entry skills and knowledge.  Garrett College is committed to creating an educated workforce by offering Certificate programs that lead to gainful employment. In accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations, Garrett College discloses certain information about students who were enrolled in Gainful Employment Programs during an award year. Click the [Gainful Employment] links for more information.

Non-Degree Transfer Programs:
These programs require transfer for completion; no degree is issued from Garrett College. 


Adventure Sports Management, AAS Degree
Adventure Sports Management Certificate [Gainful Employment]

Arts and Sciences, AA Degree
Areas of Concentration:
Fine and Performing Arts
Liberal Arts
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Psychology (FSU Transfer)
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Social Work (FSU Transfer)

Business Administration, AA Degree
Business Administration (FSU Transfer), AA Degree

Business and Information Technology, AAS Degree and Certificates
Areas of Concentration:
Business Management
Business Management Certificate [Gainful Employment]
Computer Applications for Business
Computer Applications for Business Certificate [Gainful Employment]
Computer Repair/Network Technician Certificate [Gainful Employment]
Graphic/Web Design
Graphic/Web Design Certificate [Gainful Employment]
Network Administration
Network Administration Certificate [Gainful Employment]

Cybersecurity, AAS Degree
Cybersecurity Certificate [Gainful Employment]

Early Childhood Ed/Early Childhood Special Education, AAT Degree

Elementary Ed/Elementary Special Education, AAT Degree

Electrical Engineering, ASE Degree 

General Studies, AA Degree
General Studies (FSU Transfer), AA Degree

Natural Resources and Wildlife Technology, AAS Degree

Paramedic, Certificate [Gainful Employment]

Teacher Education, AA Degree
Areas of Concentration:
Early Childhood Education, AA Degree
Elementary Education, AA Degree
Physical Education and Health: Recreation Concentration, AA Degree
Physical Education and Health: Teaching and/or Coaching Concentration, AA Degree
Secondary Education, AA Degree

Non-degree Programs; Prep for Transfer to Allegany College of Maryland

Pre-Culinary Arts
Pre-Dental Hygiene
Pre-Human Service Associate
Pre-Medical Assistant
Pre-Medical Lab Technology
Pre-Occupational Therapy Assistant
Pre-Physical Therapist Assistant
Pre-Radiologic Technician
Pre-Respiratory Therapist


Note:  The following certificate programs are no longer offered, but may have residual enrollment:

Business and Information Technology: eCommerce Certificate
Juvenile Justice Certificate
Law Enforcement Certificate
Natural Resources and Wildlife Technology Certificate
Social Services Certificate
Teacher Education: Early Childhood Assistant Certificate