Third Annual Mountain Maker Fest Planned for August 12 in Accident

Plans are underway for the third annual Mountain Maker Fest to be held at the Garrett College Career Technology Training Center (CTTC) in Accident in August. The focus of this year’s event, which is free to all, is on education, sharing of maker products, experiences and fun.

All citizens, visitors and groups are invited to attend this free event and experience, learn and participate in the maker movement. Makers are those in the community that create, invent or make things, either low-tech or high-tech, for fun, profit or as part of a do-it-yourself project. If you make art, electronic components, crafts, jewelry or products for sale, you are a maker.

One new component of this year’s event will involve all in attendance in creating the largest- ever Great Ball Contraption (GBC) in Garrett County history! Perhaps best understood by watching a video on You Tube, GBCs involve a series of channels and mechanisms with little balls that are made to travel up, down and around.  This part of the program will be run by Chuck Trautwein and will involve Lego blocks, gears and other components. The goal is to not only set a record but to involve participants of all ages in building the GBC set-up and hence to provide training and experience in Lego construction and the underlying concepts.

There will also be a variety of free and low-cost workshops this year, including sessions on art design, soldering, entrepreneurial thinking (many makers sell or want to sell their products), as well as a Lego programming class and a mentoring class for First Lego league volunteers.

“This year’s event will be more concentrated and focused, with its goals still being interaction, knowledge sharing, competency building and fun for all ages.  While the event itself will have a smaller “footprint,” we really do hope to bring all in the community together to share their “products,” as well as learn about and experience the maker movement” stated Mike Tumbarello, program co-director and director of the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

For questions or for more information please contact Tumbarello at 301-387-3069 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit for exact times and workshop prices.
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