The CARE Team is composed of administrators and staff who work closely with students and who serve on the front line for identifying students who may be struggling within the academic or social environment at Garrett College. Our purpose is to maintain a safe and supportive campus environment by receiving, evaluating, and responding to reports of student behaviors of concern with the purpose of prevention and early intervention. 

Team Membership 

The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary Team of people serving in roles critical to making assessments and recommendations involving risk to our community. Members include: 

  • ● Director of Student Development
  • ● Coordinator of Safety, Security, and Compliance 
  • ● Academic Support representative 
  • ● Disability Services representative 
  • ● Faculty representative 
  • ● Student Life Administrators serving in the on-call rotation 
  • ● Additional campus and community members will be utilized as necessary based on the student/situation under review. 

Team Responsibilities 

  • ● Receiving and gathering information on student behavioral issues. 
  • ● Developing and coordinating intervention plans for individual students based on problems/concerns identified. 
  • ● Recommending appropriate action(s) consistent with college policies and procedures. 
  • ● Developing and disseminating information on identifying and preventing disruptive behavior. 
  • ● Providing referrals to other college or community resources as needed. You can assist the CARE Team with identifying and reporting
  •    potentially disruptive or harmful behavior. 
  • ● Identifying Concerning Behaviors and Response 
  • ● Academic concerns should first be reported to the Advising and Academic Success Center (AASC) Early Alert System. 


  • ● Class absences increase 
  • ● Interaction patterns change 
  • ● Behavior becomes inappropriate or disrupts classroom learning
  • ● Consistently late or leaves class early 


  • ● Statements of distress, family problems or other difficulties
  • ● Unprovoked or uncontrolled anger or hostility 
  • ● Exaggerated personality traits - more withdrawn or more animated than usual 
  • ● Persistently sad/tearful 
  • ● Expressions of concern by others 


  • ● Physical appearance deteriorates 
  • ● Lack of personal hygiene 
  • ● Excessively fatigued 
  • ● Visible weight changes 
  • ● Physical violence including threat or experience of harassment or sexual assault 
  • ● Bleary eyed, hung over or smells of alcohol/drug use 


  • ● Statements related to death, dying, or feelings of hopelessness 
  • ● Essays/papers focus on despair, suicide, or death 
  • ● Behavior is highly agitated 
  • ● Suspicious, paranoid, or feels persecuted 
  • ● Threatens harm to self or others 

Reporting Process 

Reports/concerns about students can be submitted in three ways. 

1. In the event of an emergency, contact 911 and Garrett College Security at 240-321-5799. 

2. Email to C​A​R​E​@​g​a​r​r​e​t​t​c​o​l​l​e​g​e​.​e​d​u​<​m​a​i​l​t​o​:​C​A​R​E​@​g​a​r​r​e​t​t​c​o​l​l​e​g​e​.edu>, which is linked to all Team members. This is the most effective reporting method for non-emergencies. Reports may be submitted anonymously. 

3. Reports may be made in person, or by phone to any member of the CARE Team. 

*All matters discussed with the CARE Team are regarded as highly confidential. 
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