For the purposes of assessing tuition charges, Garrett College follows residency guidelines established by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. A student's residency (aka domicile) is determined at the time of admission to the Garrett College. Each student will sign a statement affirming domicile and the factual basis for the claim of a domicile. At the time of each subsequent enrollment, the student will indicate whether his or her domicile is the same as or difference from that affirmed at application.

The word "domicile" as used in this regulation shall mean the permanent place of abode, where physical presence and possessions are maintained with the intention of remaining indefinitely. In the case of student applicants that receive more than half of their financial support from another persons, that person's place of abode during the most recently completed calendar year will be used. For the purpose of this rule, only one domicile may be maintained. Local addresses which pertain only during the school year and Residence Hall addresses will not be considered for determination of tuition charges.

The person seeking Maryland residency status shall have the burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that (s)he satisifies the requirements and standards set forth herein. Assignment of residency status will be made upon a review of the totality of facts known or presented.

The College reserves the right to request any of the listed documentation and any additional information and documentation as it deems necessary to make an evaluation of residency status.

In the event incomplete, false, or misleading information is presented, the College may, at its discretion, revoke residency status and take disciplinary action. Such action may include suspension or expulsion. If a reduced tuition status was gained due to false or misleading information, the College reserves the right to retroactively assess the higher tuition rate for each semester affected.

If a student disagrees with the residency assignment, the student has a right to appeal the decision. The three-level appeal process is detailed in the College Catalog.

The entire Student Residency Policy, including information for new applicants, military personnel, foreign nationals, returning students and residency changes, can be viewed in the College Catalog.

Change of Residency

Requests for reclassification must be submitted to the Office of Records & Registration prior to the first day of the semester. All requests must be made in writing, and proper proof of residence must be presented before a change will be made. Review the Request for Residency Reclassification form for detailed information.
A student who changes residence during a semester will not have his/her tuition adjusted during that semester. If a reclassification is approved, the new tuiton rate would be applied in the following semester.

Request for Residency Reclassification Form (PDF)
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